Nick Willett

Steel pipe

8′ x 5′

​Clathrus comes from the more organic side of my creative spectrum and include metals I have collected from the streams, valleys, sinkholes, and forests of the Ozarks. These materials were once unwelcome invaders of our natural spaces. With them, I create representations of the flora and fauna that inhabit this sacred and beautiful land. This particular piece is a representation of Clathrus ruber (or cage mushroom), a fungus that grows into a hexagonal cage like structure with bold coloring and intricate texture.

The overall form of my sculpture is 8 feet tall and 5 feet at its widest point. The structure is made primarily out of old pipe and is texture welded using a technique I have developed over the years.

Clathrus is the first large piece in this series. I have created several small floral and plantlike pieces leading up to this opportunity. Clathrus brings an element of the natural Ozarks to the center cityscape.