Eric Troffkin

Modular Steel

5′ x 8′ x 25”

I produce sculptures built up from modular systems and multiple elements that can be assembled on site in response to landscape conditions. Each installation is an opportunity to compose the work anew, to experiment, and to add elements. Through my objects and creative process I draw a connection between organic wildness and our own creative industriousness in order to ask: do our activities follow natural patterns? or themselves exhibit forms of wildness?

This pieces is the “Communications Vine,” a sculptural “hybrid” combining a red and white communications tower with a vine-like plant. I see red and white communications towers with satellite dishes and radio antennae all over the place – towering in the distance along the roadside or sprouting from building tops. Like a plant the “Communications Vine” grows in a unique way where it is planted, and like a plant it spreads.

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Sponsor: Tillman Redevelopment