Snail Scott

Glazed Stoneware

96″ x 16″ x 22″

The ‘Armature’ series articulates the concept of engineering as a deeply rooted human endeavor, by which we attempt to create the reality we desire. The human hand is a lever to move our world…the means to wishful thinking made manifest.

The wing is an iconic metaphor for transcendence, but the airplane wing is flight not granted by the gods or biology or circumstance. Here, it symbolizes a human-made transcendence. It suggests a ‘self-created self’ – a bootstrap attempt at higher existence, sustained on cockeyed optimism and assembled at some tinkerer’s workbench of the soul.

‘Presence’ is made of stoneware clay – coil-built in sections, glazed and fired, and permanently assembled using industrial epoxy joints. It is entirely weatherproof and suitable for high-traffic public spaces. It may be securely mounted in several ways, ensuring compatible installation in varied site conditions.

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