Jacob Burmood

Cold Cast Aluminum

90″ x 48″ x 36″

As a child, I spent my free hours walking along a creek that had carved its way through a wooded area. All the forces that determine the path of the stream also govern the rocks, vegetation, and creatures that surround it. Though their reactions to these forces differ, they remain related. Becoming part of these interwoven complexities gives me a sense of deep harmony and simplicity, and is the basis of my inspiration. The forms I create are an abstraction of the fluid nature of the universe. The purpose of each work is to find an underlying order that converges elements into a unified whole that move as one.

My work is a series of experiments attempting to capture the dynamic of materials subjected to unseen forces, like gravity, pressure, heat, and tension. I use materials that easily conform to the forces they are subjected to such as cloth dipped in resin, liquid wax, and molten metal. Some of the forms are displayed in opposition to how they were formed; contrasting and emphasizing the state change from liquid to solid. That state change is important because it allows me to freeze them at the critical moment that is most revealing of the interaction between energy and matter, making those unseen forces visible.

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