Kimber Fiebiger


24″ x 18″ x 18″

“Maestro” is a virtuoso loved by all. Maestro loves to perform for those passing by. A master of his craft, he brings joy to the ears of those around him.

I found my beginnings in small sculptures that led to large scale pieces later in my career. I have been creating sculptures for over thirty-five years, representing my desire to interpret the jovial side of humanity. Each piece is my attempt to create human expression and characteristics that exemplify balance between the geometry of lines and the fluidity and energy of movement.

I use the lost wax process in my work. My sculptures start as a specific idea in clay. The plasticity of clay makes the transition from idea to the final bronze figure a surprising one, where I let my hands and the material take over my mind sometimes creating what I wasn’t expecting. I like the challenge of working in metal; taking the hard and fixed and making it free flowing and expressive.

I am motived to create work that will bring joy to those who have been admirers of the art form for many years and those new to the methods and materials.

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Sponsor: Thomas H & Josephine Baird Memorial Trust