Craig Snyder

Painted Steel

10′ x 3′ x 3′

Xuberant! showcases my outlook on life. My intention every day is to live it to the fullest, to learn something new and meet new and interesting people. Doing sculpture leaves me no choice but to live exuberantly!

I’ve done public art for several years and have pieces around the Midwest and West. I work tirelessly on understanding and incorporating ideas, concepts, and learnings from all around. From India came a deeper understanding how people connect to names and from the Native American Dakota came an appreciation for place.

My art often showcases the interactions between earth-based materials, with natural finishes softening hard man-made materials, as well as the mingling of Western and Eastern cultures. I’ve always been fascinated with the East and have chosen to experiment with techniques and concepts originating there.

Of course, the best thing about sculpture is that it is so pure. I enjoy it so much and truly love to pass my joy and affection for it to others. Art can be so serious at times. Many of my pieces are very approachable and appeal to a wide audience. I love doing public art because people can see it in the real world.

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Sponsor: Ron & Lezah Stenger Family