Emily Cunningham

Painted Steel

Location: Northwest corner of Boonville Ave. & Mill St.

As an artist, I have always been inspired by people who can talk about the things they are most vulnerable about. I think this shows that the person is strong and unafraid to discuss things that truly matter to them. This is something that I want to reflect in my work because I have always believed that community and compassion should be connected in society. I am driven by the desire to put difficult or topics at the forefront of my work and create a safe and welcoming environment for people.

More about my sculpture: As a college student, I initially wanted to create a sculpture that could resonate with college audience. For me this sculpture is a representation of the difficulties that college students, and really anyone in the Springfield area, face when trying to decide a path to take in life. As a college student, I know that it may seem like there are so many directions that can be taken and it can become overwhelming at times. This sculpture is a representation of that experience, as well as reminder that it is okay to be at a standstill and take the time necessary to figure out which path is the right one for each person experiencing the problem.