Joshua Burd


Location: Southwest corner of Jefferson Ave. & St. Louis St.

This sculpture reflects on the transformation from adolescence into adulthood, a time when we sometimes feel a disconnect between who we have become and what makes us happy. The purpose of this sculpture is to display this disconnect and use symbolism to make the concept relatable. My aim is to inspire people to embrace their transformation and enjoy themselves in the process. The message sent by the figure is to be cautious not to fall into a cycle of repetition; it is important to do things sporadically that are rewarding, exciting, and motivating to stay happy. The figure looking at his watch results in dropping a scoop of ice cream on the ground. The ice cream symbolizes an effort to enjoy life, yet it seems as if the ice cream is a burden as he checks to see if he is on time for more “important things.”  The future is what drives us and it’s important to know what we want from it so we can become who we want to be. When we are children we have this wonder for the world and a drive to explore and be creative.  Working hard toward doing something creative can be the most rewarding thing to do. This sculpture serves as a reminder to start on a new journey and to explore life as we go