James Douglas Cox

Stainless Steel

Location: Tie & Timber Beer Co. at 1451 E. Cherry St.

This is our current lineup of pets. We have 5 pets. The three dogs were strays and the two cats were adopted. Tanner is the big dog, weighing in at 96 lb. Casey is a Beagle and Sadie is a Corgi, that’s why she has a bobbed tail. Olivia the cat is sitting on Tanner’s head and Holly the cat is hanging on to Olivia’s tail. The sculptures I make have to keep my interest for a few months during construction. So I have to make them fun for myself and hope others enjoy them too. Some time in your life, try to adopt a shelter pet. It will make you happy.

Visit James Douglas Cox’s website to see hisĀ other work: jdcoxrocksmetalart.com

Sponsor: Mike & Karen Schneider