Larry Pogue


Location: Outside of Physique Fitness at 326 N. Boonville Ave.

I named 5-6-7-8 after the date I created it. It was completed on May 6, 1978. It’s an abstract piece. I’m very impressed with the circle more than the square. Circles have more of a human quality. There are no square corners on humans. In many of my works you will see circles represented.

5-6-7-8 was donated by Margo Armstrong from the Estate of Bill Armstrong in 2017. It was officially placed downtown in our 3rd collection in April 2018.

Bill Armstrong came to East Central College where I worked as an instructor for 29 years. He was attending a workshop of mine and he was enamored by 5-6-7-8 so we swapped. I got one of his paintings and he got my sculpture. Artists do that a lot. I’ve still got his painting.