Be Well Bell

Riana Clark

Epoxy, Steel, Paint

Location: NE Corner of Market Ave. & College St.

My Be Well bell represents community: its health, strength, and the differences that make our home unique, interesting and beautiful. Each person within our community is like an individual thread, unique and necessary and when woven together create something whole, special. This bell and the links provided with it can remind us all that even when we don’t feel it, we are a part of something bigger than us, we are not alone. I invite you to see your place in this piece but more so your place in our community, seek help when needed, help those who are in need and by doing that weave a beautiful tapestry of community.

Overall Health Care Initiaitve: The Be Well Bell is inspired by Mental Health America’s Mental Health Bell to serve as a symbol of hope, healing and wellness. In the 1950s, Mental Health America issued a call to asylums across the country to collect chains and shackles that were once used as restraints during mental health treatment. These chains and shackles were melted down and reshaped into a bell – a sign of hope. Burrell Behavioral Health was inspired by this initiative and reached out to Mental Health America for approval to utilize the bell for the Be Well Community Movement, a community wellness awareness campaign focused on ringing in a new narrative surrounding brain health.