On view July 5 – August 2, 2024



Makis Kyriakopoulos

In the video, I find myself struggling with altered human bodies that are fighting to establish dominance in a battle where a mutated value system of inequality, militarization, hostility, and terror prevails. It’s a repetitive process of sinking and resurfacing into desires, fears, emotions, and relationships of violence that structure the global hierarchy and draw from colonization. Our individuality spreads underwater, our bodies lose their boundaries, and they become inseparable from the cosmos. Is this interconnection of interdependence what will bring us back into an equitable relationship with ourselves and the world?


Makis Kyriakopoulos

Makis Kyriakopoulos was born in Patra, Greece, in 1975. He works predominantly in Digital Arts. He completed an MFA with distinction at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2004 and completed the postgraduate course in Digital Arts. He resides in Athens, Greece.











Alleyscapes was brought to fruition through the generosity of Hatch Foundation, Pitt Technology Group, and Hotel Vandivort.