Nathan Pierce

Stainless Steel

Location: South of the Historic Downtown Square on South St.

Nathan’s large public sculptures reflect not only his personal interest in architectural forms, but also a belief that communication plays a fundamental role in our perceptions of the world we live in. His work has always dealt with the conflicts of confinement and freedom and exploring catalyst between the two: building or destroying communication. Nathan says, “The material I use and the process of my work is directly influenced by experience.” Inspired by his many years in the construction business, the idea to create sculpture from those same materials seemed natural and permanent. “The decision to utilize the benefits of structural steel in my work also comes from being inspired by the fabrication process. I enjoy the dedication and commitment that is required with this material, it helps build character.” The relationship that these pieces have with the natural environment communicate to the viewer. It is this connection that helps activate our imagination and helps us see the world differently.


The O’Reilly Family