Theda Sandiford

Polyurethane Rope & Recovered Shopping Cart

Location: SE Corner of Campbell Ave. & Walnut St.

We all carry emotional baggage. This manifests differently for each of us. Some of us carry shopping carts of pain and bitterness while some of us just sport a tote bag. How we choose to handle our baggage makes a difference. We have the choice to let it define us or to let it go, move forward and express joy as a form of active resistance. My emotional baggage carats are vessels for racial trauma. My baggage carts serve to separate myself from the daily experience of microaggressions and create a new possibility for myself, free from these constraints.


This sculpture is sponsored by contributors to Deidre Argyle & Avery Parrish’s Facebook Birthday Fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who donated!

Sharon Harper, Sarah Perkins, Susana Eberhardt, Sarah Jones, Rebecca Argyle Honaker, Vonda Yarberry, Josie Shute, Betty Ann Squires Parnell, Terry Von Parrish, Pat Duran, Sarah Griggs, Wanda White, Christie Snelson, Leann Braun, Dana Campbell Neuenschwander, Lura Faye Cotton, Leslie Forrester, Joseph LaMothe, Caitlin Hoskins, Olivia Hough, Jim Bultas, Taylor McQueary, David O’Reilly, Erin Goodman, Mark McQueary, Nicole Brown, Emily Million, Brennan Parrish, and Bailey Parrish