Larry Young

Steel Pipe & Plate

Location: SE corner of Jefferson Ave. and St. Louis St.

My Inspiration was the EKG graph that records the strength and timing of the heart’s activity. Especially in tough times, we need our heart to beat in strong, coordinated rhythm. Having a mother who was a registered nurse and a father-in-law who was a cardiovascular surgeon, I have a deep appreciation for what those in the health professions sacrifice and do to serve all in need. In view of health’s direct connection to the quality of our lives, I wanted to create a sculpture that would depict the heart, science, and importance of health care. Thus the title, Heart of the Matter.

My hope is that this sculpture speaks to both science and the emotion of our health and healthcare. Its portrayal of the EKG wave symbolizes the scientific dimensions of health. But it also represents life more holistically and can represent our need to be resilient and to stay strong. Similarly the orb can be interpreted as representing the globe’s collective existence. Its reflective surface encourages us to look within ourselves and toward others, and prompts us to be both introspective and empathetic.

The term “heart of the matter” speaks to a focus on the fundamental essence of something. Here the EKG wave and orb are my way to capture the scientific and human dimensions of health care.