Kirk Seese

Tubular Steel Piano Hinges with UV Ink

Location: SW corner of Jefferson Ave. and Walnut St.

Icosahedron is an exploration in the geometric appeal of the Platonic Solid family of polygons. The simplicity, purity, and beauty of the geometric shape.

“Open love letter to public art: What I love about you, public art, is that you are meant for everyone!    You require no entry fee,  no cover charge  or special invitation. Set free from the galleries,  museums  and private homes of the past. You’re out there, in the wild,  unapologetic,  yet vulnerable,  and for everyone to see!    You must be strong,  durable,  able to withstand all types of weather,  public scrutiny  and the test of time! You can be interactive,  kinetic  or stationary,  and come in so many forms;  paint,  stone,  wood,  glass,  metal,  digital,  vinyl,  plastic,  and everything in between!    In all shapes and sizes.    You invite discussion,     and bring the world of visual arts to people’s everyday lives. For all these reasons and many more,  I will adore you for the rest of my life!” Hopelessly smitten. – Kirk