Aaron J. Alderman

Steel & Copper

Location: Outside Hotel Vandivort at 305 E. Walnut St.

The inspiration of the sculpture came from the human form itself. It started with the idea of comprising the form down into the smallest ball possible. This is the pose one is supposed to get into if ever caught out in the open during a lightning storm: make yourself as small as possible with as little contact with the ground. While the piece is very literal it also connotates a greater emotive quality. There is an energy in the figure that s reactive. The figure is responding by protecting itself and collapsing inward or the figure is moving outward, preparing to spring upright after being in this protective stance.


This sculpture is sponsored by contributors to Nicole Brown’s Facebook Birthday Fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who donated!

Tiffany Terwelp-Smith, Sara Potts Hahn, Sandra Bass Simmons, Zachary Brown, Becky Westerman Payton, Jamie Gnau, John Wyrsch, Linden A. Tucker, Nicole Lowry, Julie Malter, Adrienne and Brent McCoy, Diana Latimer Radabaugh, Jess Malter, Keith Ekstam, Ed Powell, Helen Gunther, Corey McClelland, Lesley Terry, Susie Hawkins Turner, Amy Shelburn-Zarins, Brooke Pyle Smith, Caitlin Golike, Rebecca Argilagos, Curtis Marshall, Vonda Yarberry, Cathy Brown, Nicole McKinney, Stacey O’Reilly, Janice Stokes, Brandon Carrol, James Jeffries, Erica Hoffman, Mark McQueary, Stephanie Skidmore Smith, Mallory McWilliams, Kyla Black Bentley, Eric Hoffman, Brandy Said, Margaret Carolla Maes, Bill Enos, Terry Whaley, Kelly Brueggemann-Smith, Mary Everett Kromrey, Matt Simpson, Kelly Knauer, and Abilyn Haase.