Christyn Overstake

Location: NW Corner of Jefferson Ave. & Olive St.

My work is about contemporary labor. I seek to visually explore the relationships between our socio-economic structures and the living world, human and non. My work is critical of the careless nature with which we engage in destructive and damaging behaviors and the ramifications on the living biosphere and on human society. This abstraction, part of my Biomechanical Evolution Series, is based on the subversion of production manufacturing. The objects are produced in industrial media by repetition of form and action, paralleling mass-produced objects I fabricated in the industry as a welder/fabricator. The outcomes of this repetition are not in. pursuit of the perfection of sameness but of deviation. Each repetition of the process yields a new and unpredictable result, allowing the forms to adapt and evolve over generations. There are currently 3 form lineages within the series—columns were first, and spheres and halos both evolved from those original column forms, which were at one point abstractions of spinal columns. This large, fabricated aluminum structure is constructed from scavenged and re-fabricated elements from previous works, serving as a physical evolution of its less successful predecessors. It becomes an evolutionary successor and maybe also a bit of a cannibal.