New Adventure Sculptures

Location: SW Corner of Jefferson Ave. & St. Louis St.

When you are committed to repurposing, recycling, and reusing materials, especially steel, then you create a sculpture such as Energizing the Ants. The “spiral” symbol has many different meanings attached to it. We preferred the meaning of ENERGY. The spiral was created with a piece of scrap steel plate. It is lightly painted with an iridescent glitter paint. The idea of painting it with glitter is to create a radiance coming from the spiral. Working with steel takes a lot of energy and strength in many ways. Being able to “move” steel and make it do what you envision it is doing can take a lot of time, energy, and strength, but that is part of the fun of creating with it. The base of this sculpture is formed with discarded railroad spikes. Just imagine the energy that those spikes have had pass over them. The center I-beam is a piece leftover from our home when we built our front porch. We have a really good story about getting that I-beam into its place. That took a lot of energy and strength. The rock came from Colorado and would be put in a dumpster. Instead, it was rescued and is now a piece of art. The ants are just a fun part of this piece. Most people would agree that ants are mostly annoying, but those tiny insects are solid and energetic. On the sculpture, they come up from the base to reach the spiral, maybe to receive some much-needed energy.

Sponsor: Robert & Peg Carolla