Abby Villars

Location: Park Central West

This piece is designed to shift the viewer’s perspective upside down physically. While it is designed on the outside to look like a normal film camera, when the viewer looks inside it, they will see the world around them flipped upside down. This piece is a modern take on one of the first cameras: the Obscura camera. By utilizing the natural light and a semi-opaque screen inside the sculpture, the light waves bend what the viewer is looking at, turning it upside down. The important theme for this piece is to show how something simple can change one’s perspective and to call the viewer to be more apt to shift their perspective and think of things differently. In a place like downtown Springfield, it is common to see people taking photos with the displayed art. However, these people tend to take said photos with the cameras in their back pockets, so this piece invites people to look through the lens of a far less complex camera and see the world from an angle they might not be used to. It might also make them see the act of taking photos a little differently.

Sponsor: Joe & Marie Carmichael, Ron & Janice Penney, and