James Hall

Located at the corner of Trafficway and Jefferson on the Jordan Creek Greenway Trail

The foot. Our most simple and wonderful means of locomotion. The load bearer of the transportation world, my feet often make me aware of their presence when traveling our beloved Greenways trails. Soreness aside, this sculpture is just my way of saying, “Look around, absorb the wonder of it all, and check your feet in here at the corner.” The trails and parks of our area are, after all, a journey to lose yourself in.

I invite you, the viewer, to unearth a more lofty artistic meaning. I always have enjoyed art that causes people to wonder why it’s there. Why a foot? Why a left foot? I just make the stuff.

It may just be a variation of all those concrete Sasquatch yard ornaments popping up everywhere. “Where is the REAL Big Foot?” We at last have an answer.

Underestimated, underrated, and underfoot. It’s time has come.