Nick Willett

Painted Steel

Located on the Jordan Creek Greenway Trail behind the Jordan Valley Ice Park

The chess Queen reflects this theme in that, in the game of chess, the queen is the most versatile piece. She can move in any direction and any number of spaces, making her potentially the most active piece. I would like to title this piece

“Zugzwang.” This word has a dual meaning, both of which are relevant to this
sculpture. First, zugzwang is a German word that means, “compulsion to move.” The recommended theme is to motivate people to get outdoors for some exercise, or to “compel them to move.” Secondly, it is a term in the game of chess for cornering your opponent in a position where they are obligated to make a move, but every move available would be to their disadvantage. Basically, it refers to a well thought out strategy against an opponent.