Mike Helbing

Stainless Steel

Location: NE Corner of Campbell Ave. & Park. Central West

Working with my hands and body is important. I was 20 and at Purdue when I decided that a life of art making was what I wanted. This decision led to a tour in Vietnam that affected the rest of my life. The world became surreal and art explained it. When free of the service I studied clay, painting, jewelry, sculpture, drawing, PE, fiber, printing and art history at Ball State in Indiana. I bounced through jobs while always making art. I love making art, and making art is in my blood.

Pantree is Sculpture Walk Springfield’s first permanent piece! Thanks to a generous donation from Robert & Peg Carolla, Alex & Cathy Primm, Mike & Karen Schneider, and Paul & Debbie Rollinson, we were able to keep this piece from our first collection in Springfield.

View Mike Helbing’s¬†website to see his other work:¬†www.helbingstudio.com.