Public Viewing MAY 1-10, 2020

Lawn Art With Neighbors, a city wide public art exhibition, is a grassroots project in response to the recent changes we are all adapting to including the stay at home order, the increased amount of time people have been spending outside/walking around neighborhoods, and a way to bring artmaking and viewing as a form of increasing mental health and community building.

L.A.W.N. invites the Springfield community to safely view the works of art created in their neighborhood on May 1-10. You can find participants on the interactive map bellow. Walk or drive by, take photos and tag #LAWNSGF. All images will be shared on the Instagram and Facebook sites.

Please follow all social distancing rules currently in mandate while viewing or participating in L.A.W.N. Lawn Art With Neighbors is created outdoors to allow you to view it in an open space with safe distance and at your own pace. Avoid touching art or entering private property.

L.A.W.N. is a front-lawn public art exhibition, organized by the Springfield Art Museum, Sculpture Walk Springfield, and Missouri State University: Art + Design Department     

How to Experience L.A.W.N

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Follow the City of Springfield’s Stay-at-Home Order.
    • Drive, walk, run, or bike on your way to an essential activity or while exercising!
    • Sculpture Walk Springfield, the Springfield Art Museum, and Missouri State University: Art+Design are not liable for personal injury or property damage.
  • Avoid entering private property
  • View Art from the street or sidewalk
  • Avoid touching art 
  • Take lots of photos
  • Share Photos on social media #LAWNSGF

For questions about this event please contact

Interested in Participating in L.A.W.N. visit our Call for Art Page.